Theo got his fringe trimmed / Theo squashing mama’s lavender and smiling about it / Rob and I went to the zoo / Drank way to much Pimms / Pearla being a contortionist / Our neighbours kitty came and sunbathed with me in the garden / Rob looked cute / Went to check out the fishes / Got some new white Converse / Got a new jumper with a sequin stag on it / Tried on dresses for graduation (which one shall I get?!) / My girl Jessie came to stay with us in Bath / Pearla decided she was an Olympic diver / Jess and I chilled at the bar whilst Rob was working / And subsequently got very drunk and thought we could play pool / We went to see a psychic / Then went for brunch.

How was your weekend? What have you been up to?

I need to talk to someone about my ongoing identity crisis

Who’s free?

I’m sorry I’ve not been posting on here much lately, I’ve been so busy to blog even on the other blog! I promise I’ll get back to posting on both soon but until then check the other one :)

I’m baking cupcakes for a wheelbarrow race next weekend…

The village that I grew up in has an annual wheelbarrow race and after the huge success of my cupcake stand at the Jubilee party, I’ve been asked to do another stand at the wheelbarrow race. This is all exciting but I have no idea what theme I’m going with… I can’t find any wheelbarrow/garden-themed toppers and I think that green/brown icing would just be really unappealing. 

Any ideas cakey people?


I always wanted to walk down the aisle to Halo by Beyonce but the vicar won’t allow it. This is one of our favourite songs, I don’t know why it didn’t come into our heads earlier. It’s perfect. I can’t think of a better song to marry my best friend to.

Does anyone have any recipes with red lentils?

Have you ever seen a cuter cat? (Taken with Instagram)

Have you ever seen a cuter cat? (Taken with Instagram)

This week has been extremely stressful. With work and the move, I’ve hardly had time to sleep, let alone blog! We’ve had Rob’s parents staying so this week has all been about fast meals and going out to eat. So last night when me and Rob got the first night alone together in our new home, we decided to cook ravioli! It was actually really easy and pretty tasty too! Find the recipe below:

For the pasta dough: 

- 2 cups of 00 flour

- 4 eggs

- Tbsp olive oil

- Tbsp water

For the filling:

- Gorgonzola cheese

- Butternut squash

- Olive oil

- And a bit of chorizo if you like

There’s a lot of rambling in this recipe, so I’ll bold the important bits… 

There are two ways of making pasta- the Italian way and the no-faff way that I did it. If you want to do it properly, then you should probably go to Lauren’s Latest (where I go the dough recipe from).

However, to do it my way, pop all the pasta dough in a mixer with a dough hook and leave it for around 10 minutes until it’s all kneaded for you. Call me lazy, but I’m making Friday night dinner, not preparing a meal for the Queen. You could also do this in a mixing bowl with a wooden spoon and knead it, it’s really up to you. I highly doubt it makes any difference to the finished product. 

Anyway, leave the dough to rest for around 20 minutes. In the mean time, cut the butternut squash into cubes, season it and put it in a microwaveable bowl. Cover the bowl in clingfilm and pierce a little hole in the top. Put it in the microwave for 10 minutes. 

(If you’re one of those people who doesn’t like to use microwaves for whatever reason, you can boil it. I am a microwave advocate, they’re brilliant.) When it’s done, take it out, add a bit of olive oil and mash it up.

Flour a work surface and and rolling pin and start to roll out the dough. You want to get it super thin, as thin as you possible can with a rolling pin. It helps to pick it up and stretch it out. The dough is quite sturdy so don’t worry too much about it breaking. 

Cut the rolled out dough into strips, around 4 inches thick and as long as you can get it. 

Spoon the butternut squash mash and gorgonzola filling on to half the dough, then fold the dough lengthways and press around the filled pockets to remove any air bubbles. 

Cut the ravioli in to shape and press the edges with a fork to keep all the filling in. 

Pop into a pan of boiling salted water. It’s done when it rises to the top. 


Sorry I’ve been so absent!

We’ve just moved into our new house and things have been pretty stressful! I’ve had my in-laws-to-be staying this week and we’ve been out loads and had a generally lovely time! 

I am, however, back now! I made ravioli last night so I’m gonna pop a recipe up to that this week. 

How have you been? How’s your life going? 

The move…

This weekend we finally moved in to our house! My in-laws-to-be bought us this little heart and it pretty much sums up the whole move.

 On Saturday night we went out for tapas with my parents, who came to stay for the weekend to help us get stuff straight. The restaurant is called La Perla, which I love because my cat is called Pearla and I love her. The food was incredible. I recommend it to anyone who lives around here/is visiting. We had mini chorizo and beef burgers, monk fish in angel hair pastry, lemon and coriander scallops, goats cheese with tomato chutney, white crab meat served up in a martini glass, and loads of other stuff I can’t even remember! We also shared a paella which was incredible! Apologies for the blurry photos, we were underground and the lighting was all dim and romantic, I didn’t want to start flashing my camera and start interrupting all the date nights!

 Afterwards, we went for ice cream at my favourite place, The Real Italian Ice cream Company (the Real Italian Pizza Company is next door, and that’s equally as delicious!). I had amaretti and chocolate ice cream and it was divine. 

This weekend has been so stressful. Me and Rob are in our new house and this morning my Dad made me coffee and croissants. He’s the best.

This weekend has been so stressful. Me and Rob are in our new house and this morning my Dad made me coffee and croissants. He’s the best.

Fish pie…

Last weekend I went home to stay with my parents  and although I usually object to anything other than a roast on a Sunday, last week everyone was just too busy to faff about roasting a chicken and doing all the trimmings. So, my mum decided to make one of her mean fish pies. It’s super quick and easy and it’s so tasty. After the success of my seafood chowder recipe that I posted a couple of weeks ago, I forced my mum to share her recipe for LBH :) Find the recipe below – enjoy! 

You will need:

- 5 potatoes

- A good tbsp butter

- 1 large onion

- A good chunk of chorizo

- 1tbsp plain flour

- 300ml milk

- Tbsp mustard

- A handful of frozen peas

- 2 packs of fish pie mix (we’re complete cheats! It includes salmon, haddock and cod. Tesco’s is great!)

- A pack of fresh uncooked prawns

- A good sprinkling of grated cheddar cheese (to top)

You could also add: muscles, capers, calamari, most other fish!

Start by peeling your potatoes and putting them on to boil for your mashed potato topping. When they’re soft to poke with a knife. Strain them and mash them up with a big dollop of butter. 

In a medium saucepan, fry off an onion and add in chopped chorizo. Cook until the onions are starting to brown, then sift over the flour and continue to stir over the heat for a few minutes. 

Start to gradually add in the milk, making sure that the sauce is thickening as you do. When the milk is all stirred in, pop in a bit of mustard and add a handful of frozen peas. Simmer on a low heat whilst you prepare the fish. 

Either dice your fish to inch cubes, or take it out the pack and put it in a large oven proof dish. We always use a deep one, but it’d work just as well in a lasagna dish.

Pour the sauce over the fish and give it a good stir, before topping with the mashed potato and sprinkling with cheese. 

Pop it in the oven on gas mark 5 for around 40 minutes and enjoy!